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Our guests this week are Naz Georgas, Executive Director of Cordoba House, and Rabbi Josh Stanton of East End Temple in New York. These two faith leaders have forged a unique bond and faith partnership of shared values, convictions, and commitment to empathetic compassion.  

Beliefs producer Jay Woodward met with them at East End Temple in Manhattan. 

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By all accounts, the trends are clear. Religion is in decline in modern American society. The rise in the number of people who declare themselves as unaffiliated to a religious community, or self-identify as belonging to no religion at all, is a trend that is reinforced with every passing poll.

Here to discuss the length and breadth of Belief in America is Alan Cooperman, Director of Religion Research at Pew Research Center. Alan recently appeared at a symposium at Fordham University’s Center On Religion And Culture.

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How can one know a pope? Even now, in an age when every word spoken is recorded, every homily delivered archived, and every act of penitence or fury witnessed, it’s still possible to find we know nothing about Pope Francis.  
Pope Francis guides the practice, dreams, and consciences of over XXX million Catholics worldwide. Our guest, Father Patrick Ryan S.J., has written the foreword to the book: “In Your Eyes I See My Words” official homilies of Jorge (Hoar-Hay) Bergoglio, Pope Francis from his days in Buenos Aires. He joins me to discuss the underpinnings of the man who would become Francis.

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Our guest is a philosopher, professor, and author James K.A. Smith. 

On the front line of the human hunger for meaning. Liberty and freedom are woven into a modern story of the human experience. But is liberty a good ingredient for happiness? Our guest is a philosopher, professor, and author of the recently published’ “On The Road with Saint Augustine: A Real World Spirituality for Restless Hearts” 

James K. A. Smith spoke to me about emerging tensions in a modern age before a talk at Fordham University's Center for Religion and Culture.  

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