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This November marks the 550th birthday of the founder of Sikhism: Guru Nanak.  T
he belief system he developed is based on oneness, open-hearted love, and justice. To reflect on the birth of this remarkable prophet, Beliefs sits with Simran Jeet Singh  – author, scholar, Religion News Service contributor and Senior Fellow at the Sikh Coalition. 

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Tom Junod was assigned to write a profile for Esquire magazine on beloved kids television icon Fred Rogers, and the two became close friends.

That friendship became the subject of a movie about the remarkable inner journey Tom made as a result of this unexpected pairing.

The film, ‘A Beautiful Day In The Neighborhood’ starring Tom Hanks and Matthew Rhys opens in theaters this week.  

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Our guest this week is Austen Ivereigh, here to discuss his second book on Pope Francis, called Wounded Shepherd, Pope Francis and His Struggle to Convert the Catholic Church.  

Struggling with both broad respect and popularity, but also deep institutional suspicion, Pope Francis enjoys adoration and resistance in equal measure. Ivereigh’s book distills the contradictions and successes of Francis’ pontificate. 

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Much has been made of the increasing number of people who don’t identify with an organized religion. Statistics behind millennial flight from church and religion is also a big topic in the news. But what’s behind these numbers? To explore some of the less measurable influences – Religion News Reporter Emily McFarlan Miller joins Beliefs producer Jay Woodward.

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