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The Holy month of Ramadan is marked by a well-known 30 day fast from sunup to sundown.  

When the sun goes down the fast is traditionally broken with water and three dates.  

To tease out some deeper meaning behind this rigorous and difficult ritual fast, 
Beliefs producer Jay Woodward sat with Dr. Hussein Rashid, Islamic scholar and educator. 

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Quaker Friends have been meeting and worshipping in America since 1656. The religion is defined by its emphasis on a personal relationship to the Divine; and to each other. 
Our guest this week is Climate Justice Activist and Author Eileen Flanagan speaking on how her Quaker faith became the engine that propelled her into a career as an international environmental activist.


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The past week began with a tremendous loss. The funny, generous, and spirited Rachel Held Evans passed at the heartbreaking age of 37. Held Evans was an influential Christian author and speaker who challenged traditional thinking in evangelical spaces. Today on Beliefs we’re listening to stories about her influence, her magic, and her impact on Christian life.   

Our guests are 

Aaron Monts, a pastor from United Church in Seattle, WashingtonJana Riess - Senior Columnist at Religion News Service, and Brian Estrella, senior pastor at Evangelical Covenant Church in Riverside, Rhode Island.

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Our guest is Tom Gallagher, Publisher and CEO of Religion News Service – and the Beliefs Podcast.

This week Religion News Service announced a partnership with the Associated Press and The Conversation. Their mission is to create a joint global religion news desk. Tom joined me to discuss the effort and what it means for religion reporting worldwide. 


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